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God's RNG

09 September 2020 · Adam Fontenot

A short story illustrating principles of random number generation.

The odds of a correct first guess in Clue

09 September 2020 · Adam Fontenot

If you play the board game Clue often enough, you will encounter the situation where the first guess made in the game turns out to solve the mystery. This feels like it should be evidence of cheating, but in fact can be shown to be surprisingly common.

Validating DNSSEC locally, the 2020 way

22 March 2020 · Adam Fontenot

It's more difficult than I expected to validate DNSSEC information locally in your terminal. I figured out how to do it and documented my findings here. Also, it turns out that most software relies on the resolver to do validation for them and will accept invalid data if it's sent to them by the recursive resolver.

Some thoughts on evangelicalism

26 September 2019 · Adam Fontenot

A response to an article by Adam Kotsko, in which I highlight some points of difference between his experience growing up in an evangelical home and mine.

How to netboot a Raspberry Pi 3 from a Linux server with TFTP and NFS

31 January 2018 · Adam Fontenot

Booting a Raspberry Pi 3 (or 4) from an NFS server has a bunch of benefits, including making backups easier, updates faster, and avoiding damage to SD cards. Here's a guide that explains the best way to do it.

Fake News: Why mainstream journalism is often part of the problem

01 March 2017 · Adam Fontenot

The term “fake news” has become a relevant term for several reasons. One of these is that mainstream news media has highlighted so-called fake news sites, where websites with entirely made up stories target conservative audiences for clicks and ad revenue. Liberals are (supposedly) immune to these sites. I argue that so far as it is possible to understand the term, there is no good reason to limit to sources with ill-intent or non-mainstream journalism. Rather, much of the blame for the creation of a post-truth media landscape lies with the mainstream media.

Safe spaces and intellectual rigor on college campuses

22 March 2015 · Adam Fontenot

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